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Brandon Mull

El Templo #52 (junio 2016) por Gabriela Portillo

In your Five Kingdoms series you introduce one kingdom per book. In Spain we know Sambria, Elloweer and Zeropolis, all equally unique and innovative. What can you tell your Spanish readership about Necromun, the kingdom of death?

The kingdom of Necronum connects to a fantasy version of the afterlife called the echolands. The weavers of Necronum can interact with the echoes of people who have passed on. This kingdom also holds the secrets of how the Outskirts came to be in the first place. I feel it is the most original kingdom so far.

Wildlife parks of magical animals, the amazing shaping magic, five peculiar kingdoms... Where do you find inspiration to create these original settings?

I have always loved adventure stories. I draw inspiration from my favorite stories. As a child, the Narnia books taught me how imaginative books could be. As I grew older, Lord of the Rings showed me how deeply you could imagine a fantasy world. Tolkein made Middle Earth feel so real. Then Harry Potter demonstrated that you could write a story with a young main character but make it smart and twisty and cool so adults could enjoy it as well. That became my mission as a writer. I daydream for months and sometimes years to build the fantasy worlds in my stories. I escape into my imagination to cope with life, so in a sense I use my books to share my coping mechanism. ?

You have written two pentalogies (Fablehaven and Five Kingdoms) and you have another one starting in 2016: Dragonwatch, Fablehaven's sequel. Is five your magic number or is it just a coincidence?

I wrote a series called Beyonders that was three books long, but I do tend toward five books. For some reason, I think five lets me keep the adventure growing with each book without things getting too out of scale. I like the scope of the adventure to crescendo as the series goes on. ?

We don't know yet if Dragonwatch will be published in Spain, so what can you tell us about this new series?

Dragonwatch will continue the main story line of Fablehaven, picking up the story shortly after the events of book five and following the same main characters. Reading Dragonwatch will be like reading Fablehaven six, seven, eight, nine, and ten. It will also be a new entry point to the series. In the original Fablehaven series, the main threat came from demons. That threat was overcome in book five, so with Dragonwatch, we encounter some new trouble centered on wizards and dragons.

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