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Licia Troisi

El Templo #8 (febrero 2009) por Uyulala y Pablo C. Reyna (Cronista)

How did you start publishing so young? Was this a problem -maybe critics did not take you seriously because of your age- or an advantage because it has approached you to your young readers?

When I started to write my first book, I didn't think to publish my story; I only enjoy writing. I decided to send my book to Mondadori (my italian publishing house) later on, because I realized that writing the book was a very important thing for me, and I've worked very hard on it.

When my first book was published, my age became a problem; people said that I was too young (but in Italy we have had writers younger than me) and I didn't rise from the ranks. Most of the people that sais this haven't neither read my book. It was hard for me, because I think that criticism based on the age of the writer are not constructive.

At your website, you talk about your influences - manga, fantasy, etc. - and how this universe helped you to imagine the Mondo Emerso. Do you still read fantasy? Which are your favourite authors? Do you read the work of any Spanish author?

Yes, I read fantasy, but it is not the only genre that I read. I like very very much Jonathan Stroud, he is my favourite fantasy author, but I like Rowling too, and Le Guin, for example. I don't know any Spanish fantasy author; in Italy fantasy has become a popular genre for a short time, so there are few not Anglophone authors that have been translated in Italian.

What do you think about the fantasy from United States? Do you think that European fantasy has the same quality?

Yes, sure. I think that European fantasy sometimes is better than American one (for example the books from Rowling or Stroud), because is more original, sometimes more "experimental". Italian fantasy too is very interesting; it is a very young genre, so we have a variety of different voices and ways to interpret it.

Have your studies of astrophysics influded or reflected on your work? Have you thought about writing science-fiction?

Yes, for example the names of my main characters are stars names (Nihal is a star from the Lepus constellation, Dubhe from Ursa Maior), taken from Arabian stars catalogs. I think also that my scientific formation influenced my way to work when I write; I need a certain discipline, I need schemes when I write, and I borrow that way to work from my astrophysics studies.

I never thought to write sci-fi books, I don't know why; probably I prefer to write about a hypothetical rather than a possible future. But I thought sometimes to write a popular scientific book; I worked in popularization for three years and I likes it very much.

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