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Iria G. Parente y Selene M. Pascual, autoras de Sueños de piedra y Rojo y oro
Morgan Matson, autora de Amy y Roger y Desde que te fuiste
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El Matarife Fernando LalanaSiempre será diciembre Wendy DaviesSpellslinger (Spellslinger I) Sebastien de CastellMiralejos Daniel Hernández ChambersHeredero (La Segunda Revolución I) Costa AlcaláLa noche de los judíos vivientes Igor Ostachowicz
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Jerebeque ¡PRUÉBALO! Jerebeque


Rick Riordan

El Templo #22 (junio 2011) por R. A. Calle Morales y Carlota Echevarría

The final battle in The Last Olympian takes most of the book, but it doesn’t lose the emotion or feel boring at any time. Is this kind of scenes challenging to write? If not, what kind of scene do you think is the most difficult to get right?

That was a very different book to write, more like The Iliad, which is all about the siege of Troy. It was challenging to keep up the pace and yet still provide space for the characters to interact and grow. I’m glad if you think the balance worked out.

One of the strongest points in the Percy Jackson books is the combination of action and humor. Is it easy to combine these two ingredients? How do you find the balance between laughing-out-loud moments and gasping-for-air scenes?

I don’t consciously think about it, but I try to write the sort of story I’d like to read. Humor and action are two things I’m drawn to. My sense of timing, and the need for humor, is something I learned in my own classroom. I was always a storyteller with my students. I quickly had to learn how to keep the attention of a class full of twelve-year-olds.

How about a wink to the Spanish fans? Can you give us a famous Spanish demigod’s name?

Oh, I’m pretty sure Hernán Cortés was a son of Ares, and Salvador Dalí was a son of Dionysus, because he must have had some crazy visions to inspire his art. Miguel de Cervantes was no doubt inspired by the Nine Muses. Possibly he was a child of Apollo.

When did you have the idea for Heroes of Olympus? Had you already finished writing Percy Jackson and the Olympians?

By the fourth Percy Jackson book, it was clear to me that I had much more material than I could possibly fit into the Percy Jackson story arc. I thought it would be fun to return to Percy’s world, but from a different angle, with new characters as well as returning characters.

In Percy Jackson and the Olympians and in The Kane Chronicles as well you use a first-person narrator. Why did you decide to switch to a third-person narrator for Heroes of Olympus? What pros and cons had the change?

Heroes of Olympus has a large cast of main characters because of the seven demigods mentioned in the new prophecy. Third-person narration allows the reader to get to know all the characters more intimately.

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