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Robert Muchamore

El Templo #12 (octubre 2009) por Uyulala y R. A. Calle Morales

In Cherub's books, you affirm that the above mentioned organization is real (or a very similar one), but that its existence is secret. Is it true? In that case, what can you tell us about the Cherub organization?

CHERUB isn't real. If it was I would have been locked up for writing about a top secret organisation!

In Henderson's Boys you relate the birth of Cherub. It's that a story you had to write (or want to) or something the fans demand you?

I wrote a breif piece about the beginning of CHERUB at the start of my first book The Recruit, and didn't think about it for several years.Then I reread it and thought it would make an interesting spin off.

Would you like to be a Cherub?

It might be fun, but I would have been useless. I was always the kid who got picked last for sports teams, so I wouldn't have made a very good cherub.

Why not adults but kids? Is it easier to write about and for young readers? Do you read teen books?

I think young readers like to read about characters who are their own age. I read quite a few teen books, just to keep up with what my rivals are doing (and to steal the good bits!).

The teenager spies from Cherub are so realists, just not like other young spy from nowadays. We are talking about Alex Ryder saga, character who is very similar to a classical icon from the genere, James Bond. What do you think about this kind of novels - for adult and young readers - with glamourous cars, old fashioned gentlemen and unbelievable gadgets?

There's nothing wrong with them, but they have become a bit of a cliche. That's why I wanted to make CHERUB gritty and realistic. The world didn't need another spy in a bow-tie driving around in a Ferrari!

Your characters are teenagers who do inapropiate things for their ages. Sometimes they seem to be older than they are. Did you take the base from real people? Do you think that nowadays literature is showing teens who look like kids, teens that don't seem at all like the young boys and girls?

I think kids vary widely. For example, James is interested in girls in the early books when he is only 12. I've heard some people who say that is too young, but I had a cousin who spent all his spare time with a girlfriend when he was only 11, while I never got my first girlfriend until I was almost 16.

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