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Laia Soler, autora de Los días que nos separan.
Daniel Handler, autor de Todos somos piratas o Y por eso rompimos.
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Shannon Hale

El Templo #19 (diciembre 2010) por Carlota Echevarría

The Goose Girl, Maid Maleen, Rapunzel… Do you plan to retell any other fairy tale? Why did you choose those?

I actually choose to retell the fairy tales that bother me the most, the ones that compel me and make me ask questions. For example, with Book of a Thousand Days, I was bothered that the original tale neglected the maid’s story, so I wanted the book from her point-of-view. And there were so many unanswered questions in the tale of the goose girl, I couldn’t wait to dig in and find out as much as I could!

In the past few years, many authors have published books inspired by fairy tales. In your opinion, what is the key to a good adaptation?

I think the job of a retelling is answering questions. It’s not enough to just make the tale longer. The writer needs to get inside the tale, understand it, and create a fully realized world where the tale makes sense.

Are you going to write a companion to Book of a Thousand Days, as you did with The Goose Girl?

I love the world of Book of a Thousand Days and have thought of other stories in that land, but I’m not currently writing one. Perhaps some day!

Book of a Thousand Days seems to be the story of a lady and her mistress who are shut in a tower, but there’s much more besides that. What did appeal to you about this part of the story (the days in the tower) which was skipped in the original tale?

For me, a story is about characters. Dashti and her mistress both change over the course of the book, and I wanted to show as much of the tower as I needed to understand where those characters began and where they ended up. It was risky starting a book is such a closed environment, the two main characters locked in a tower for years. You don’t want to make the readers feel claustrophobic. But I was fascinated by that circumstance, what was it about the maid that would choose that fate in order to stay with her mistress, and what did the lady know of Lord Khasar that she would choose the dark of the tower rather than marry him.

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