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Jennifer L. Armentrout

El Templo #40 (junio 2014)
Por Estefanía Moreno
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Spanish readers know Jennifer L. Armentrout, but not your pen name, J. Lynn. What are the differences between writing under one name or the other?

When I started using my pen name, it was to differentiate between my YA books and my NA or adult books. But both my real name and pen name appear on most of my book covers now.

Your books often contain romance. Do you think that the novel would be incomplete without it or is it something you just like to write about?

I don’t think a book would be incomplete if it didn’t contain romance, but I love writing romance so all of my books will have romance in them!

There's also a lot of humor (in comments or conversations) in your books, especially in dialogues. Here in Spain we have seen it in Daemon Black's self-confidence (Obsidian). Do you think that's why he has so many fans, or is it because of his "irresistible appeal", as he would say?

I think Daemon has a lot of qualities that make him attractive. He’s a hot, cocky alien but there’s more to Daemon, especially when it comes to Katy and his family.

One of the things we love about Katy is that she's a voracious reader and a book blogger. Why did you choose this detail for the character?

Katy’s character is a blogger because it was a way for me to say thank you to all of the bloggers who have supported me and my books.


In your novels, we've seen gargoyles, aliens, Greek demigods... Is there any other creature you'd like to write about?

Zombies? Although I doubt I could make a zombie as attractive as Daemon!

You use the first-person narrative for almost all your novels, mostly told only from the main character's point of view. Why do you choose this point of view?

I’m most comfortable writing in deep POV, so I typically write my books that way.

Since 2011 you've published almost twenty books and you've been in the New York Times and USA Today best seller lists. Did you think you'd achieve so much when you started writing?

I had no idea if I would even get a book published!

We've read in Goodreads that it took you only seven days to finish Obsidian and twenty to write Wait For You. Do you always have a very precise idea of the plot or were these special cases?

When I start a book, I usually just have a general idea of the plot and the characters. I don’t outline, so I just start writing and the story unfolds from there. I didn’t have an outline for Obsidian or Wait for You, so I wrote those two books the same way that I’ve written my other books.


Have you ever left a novel incomplete, maybe to finish it in the future?

Yes, I’ve left a novel incomplete, but I hate not completing a novel once I’ve gotten started. Once I’ve gotten into the world and characters, I don’t like having to move onto a different book because it can be hard to shift worlds, especially knowing that I will have to go back to the book that I haven’t finished at some point.

We've read in your website that both Lux and The Covenant have been optioned for a movie and a TV show respectively, no one has been cast yet and you have no influence over the cast. But, if you could choose, which actors and actresses would you pick?

I’m terrible at answering this question because I don’t have any specific actors or actresses that I would choose to portray my characters. But I think that makes it more exciting for me to find out who is cast in the movie and the TV series since I don’t have anyone specific in mind.

Readers can keep in touch with you on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads and your website. Do you think social networks are indispensable for today's authors? What advantages and disadvantages do you find in being in touch with your fans on a daily basis?

I think social networking is important because it gives me the chance to interact with my readers and other authors. It’s also a great way to let my readers know about my upcoming books and events. So I think it has a lot of advantages. The main disadvantage is that it can be distracting when I’m trying to write. I use it as a way to procrastinate.

We know you're working on Dream of You, the fourth volume of Wait For You, the series you write under you pen name, and in the third volume of The Dark Elements. What can you tell about these books to your Spanish readers who don't know about it?

I am writing the fourth book in the Wait for You Series, but the title has been changed to Fall With Me. This is my New Adult contemporary series. The title of the third book in The Dark Elements Series, my YA series about gargoyles and demons, hasn’t been released yet. I really can’t give away any details about either book yet!